BPZ probability distribution functions

Apart from the best-fitting redshift, the BPZ photometric redshift code also produces a probability distribution function (PDF) for each source. These PDFs are not part of the multi-band catalog of KiDS-ESO-DR3, but they can be downloaded using the information below.

The PDFs are stored per survey tile in FITS files, and the following table lists the columns provided in these files. The column 'pz' is a vector column that contains the actual PDF in 351 values. The minimum and maximum redshift and the step size are always 0.0, 3.5 and 0.01, respectively. These values are also listed in the FITS headers in the ZMIN, ZMAX and DZ entries.
Associating a record in these files with the corresponding source in the multi-band catalog can be done using the ESO_ID value, which is identical to the ID value in the catalog.

SLIDKAstro-WISE SourceList identifier
SIDKAstro-WISE Source identifier
Z_BEBest-fitting BPZ photometric redshift
ESO_ID25ASource identifier
pz351EBPZ photometric redshift PDF

Download using wget

The BPZ files can be downloaded with wget, using the input files linked below. The md5sums file can be used to verify your downloaded files with the command "md5sum -c kids_*_md5sums.txt".