Synoptic table

The synoptic table provides easy access to both data products and their inspection plots:
KiDS-ESO-DR1 synoptic table

The synoptic table consists of 3 separate pages/tables, the contents of which are described below.

Observing blocks table

This table contains plots and links per observing block (OB: a single filter pointing). In the default view the following information is shown for each OB:

  • Tile name
  • Filter
  • OB start time
  • Limiting magnitude of the coadd (5 sigma in 2arcsec aperture)
  • 98% completeness magnitude of DETECT_THRESH = 1.5 source list
  • average FWHM of the coadd
  • visual inspection grade (A, B, C from best to worst)

The table can be sorted based on most of these parameters using the form on the top. Clicking on the table entry for an OB creates expands an accordion box with further links and inspection plots:

  • link to QualityWISE page of the coadd
  • link to QualityWISE page of the source list
  • link to object view of the source list
  • link to thumbnails of the raw data
  • thumbnail of the coadd
  • thumbnail of the weight frame
  • thumbnail of the coadd in units of background standard deviation
  • PSF FWHM comparison plot; compares (input) ReducedScienceFrames and rebinned, stacked CoaddedRegriddedFrames. Points should lie on blue (x=y) line.
  • PSF anisotropy plot showing PSF size and ellipticity over the FOV
  • thumbnail of the coadd with mask areas overplotted in green
  • FWHM vs. SNR plot showing stellar locus; high-confidence star candidates, used to determine the FWHM, in red.
  • Plot showing object signal-to-noise vs. 2arcsec aperture magnitude; used for limiting magnitude determination
  • Plot used to determine 98% completeness of DETECT_THRESH = 1.5 source list (see Completeness and contamination)
  • CLASS_STAR vs. SNR plot used for star-galaxy separation (see Source extraction and star/galaxy separation)
  • Surface brightness vs. 2arcsec aperture magnitude plot, used to determine saturation magnitude
  • Thumbnail of coadd with DETECT_THRESH = 1.5 source list sources overplotted. Red: sources in masked areas. Blue: (unmasked) sources classified as stars. Green: (unmasked) sources classified as galaxies. Note: sources with S/N (2arcsec aperture) < 3 are not shown.

The link "expand all" just above the table will expand all accordions.

Tile table

This table contains per tile a few plots that rely on all filters (u,g,r,i):

  • left: principle color plots (Ivezic et al. 2004, AN, 325, 583) of stellar objects
  • center: color-color plot of stellar objects: u-g vs. r-i
  • right: quality of astrometry of u,g,i bands: top dRA vs RA and bottom dDec vs Dec. Median, stdev and rms values are also given

KiDS vs SDSS table

This table contains plots showing the comparison between KiDS and SDSS DR8 photometry (for details see Photometric quality).