Data access via Astro-WISE

The KiDS-ESO-DR1 data products are stored in 2 archives: the ESO Science Archive and the Astro-WISE archive. The data products have been created using the Astro-WISE system aided by additional software for final cataloging (KIDSCAT) and masking (Pulecenella). Subsequently, the data have been exported to outside Astro-WISE to obtain the format requested by ESO.
It is important to realize there are some differences between the data files that can be retrieved via ESO and via Astro-WISE, but that these differences are only between the meta-data. The pixel data are identical between the data products available at ESO and via Astro-WISE!


All data products (calibrated, stacked images, weight frames, masks, and single-band source lists) can be easily accessed through the DBviewer, the main data query tool in Astro-WISE. It provides access to the data products and their metadata. The latter includes data lineage, i.e., the tree of dataproducts and process configurations that went into creating it. Below we provide links to the DBviewer result pages of queries for KiDS-ESO-DR1 data products. These result pages list the available data products with columns providing different types of information, including:

  • OBJECT name (i.e. tile name)
  • filter name
  • RA and DEC (of center for coadds and weights, of FOV corners for source lists)
  • link to Quality-WISE page with inspection plots and quality info ("qualityview")
  • link to data lineage information ("object view")
  • preview images (not for source lists)
  • link to the fits files

The following links will open the KiDS-ESO-DR1 data products in the DBviewer: