Source list columns

The following table lists the columns that are present in the single-band source lists provided in KiDS-ESO-DR1. A large number (27) of aperture fluxes, are provided to suit the needs of different users and allow interpolation to estimate e.g. aperture corrections. Only the columns for the smallest aperture (2 pixels, or 0.4 arcsec diameter) and the largest aperture (200 pixels, or 40 arcsec diameter) are listed in the table. Note: the label for the aperture of 28.5 pixels is FLUX_APER_28p5.

2DPHOTJSourceclassification (see section on star/galaxy separation)
X_IMAGEEpixelObject position along x
Y_IMAGEEpixelObject position along y
NUMBERJRunning object number
CLASS_STARES-Extractor S/G classifier
FLAGSJExtraction flags
IMAFLAGS_ISOJFLAG-image flags OR'ed over the iso. profile
NIMAFLAG_ISOJNumber of flagged pixels entering
IMAFLAGS_ISOJNumber of flagged pixels entering IMAFLAGS_ISO
FLUX_RADIUSEpixelFraction-of-light radii
KRON_RADIUSEpixelKron apertures in units of A or B
FWHM_IMAGEEpixelFWHM assuming a gaussian core
ISOAREA_IMAGEJpixel2Isophotal area above Analysis threshold
THETA_IMAGEEdegPosition angle (CCW/x)
MAG_AUTOEmagKron-like elliptical aperture magnitude
MAGERR_AUTOEmagRMS error for AUTO magnitude
ALPHA_J2000DdegRight ascension of baryleft (J2000)
DELTA_J2000DdegDeclination of baryleft (J2000)
FLUX_APER_2EcountFlux vector within circular aperture of 2 pixels
FLUX_APER_200EcountFlux vector within circular aperture of 200 pixels
FLUXERR_APER_2EcountRMS error vector for flux within aperture of 2 pixels
FLUXERR_APER_200EcountRMS error vector for flux within aperture of 200 pixels
MAG_ISOEmagIsophotal magnitude
MAGERR_ISOEmagRMS error for isophotal magnitude
MAG_ISOCOREmagCorrected isophotal magnitude
MAGERR_ISOCOREmagRMS error for corrected isophotal magnitude
BACKGROUNDEcountBackground at centroid position
THRESHOLDEcountDetection threshold above background
MU_THRESHOLDEarcsec-2Detection threshold above background
FLUX_MAXEcountPeak flux above background
MU_MAXEarcsec-2Peak surface brightness above background
ISOAREA_WORLDEdeg2Isophotal area above Analysis threshold
XMIN_IMAGEJpixelMinimum x-coordinate among detected pixels
YMIN_IMAGEJpixelMinimum y-coordinate among detected pixels
XMAX_IMAGEJpixelMaximum x-coordinate among detected pixels
YMAX_IMAGEJpixelMaximum y-coordinate among detected pixels
X_WORLDDdegBaryleft position along world x axis
Y_WORLDDdegBaryleft position along world y axis
XWIN_IMAGEEpixelWindowed position estimate along x
YWIN_IMAGEEpixelWindowed position estimate along y
X2_IMAGEDpixel2Variance along x
Y2_IMAGEDpixel2Variance along y
XY_IMAGEDpixel2Covariance between x and y
X2_WORLDEdeg2Variance along X-WORLD (alpha)
Y2_WORLDEdeg2Variance along Y-WORLD (delta)
XY_WORLDEdeg2Covariance between X-WORLD and Y-WORLD
CXX_IMAGEEpixel-2Cxx object ellipse parameter
CYY_IMAGEEpixel-2Cyy object ellipse parameter
CXY_IMAGEEpixel-2Cxy object ellipse parameter
CXX_WORLDEdeg-2Cxx object ellipse parameter (WORLD units)
CYY_WORLDEdeg-2Cyy object ellipse parameter (WORLD units)
CXY_WORLDEdeg-2Cxy object ellipse parameter (WORLD units)
A_IMAGEDpixelProfile RMS along major axis
B_IMAGEDpixelProfile RMS along minor axis
A_WORLDEdegProfile RMS along major axis (WORLD units)
B_WORLDEdegProfile RMS along minor axis (WORLD units)
THETA_WORLDEdegPosition angle (CCW/world-x)
THETA_J2000EdegPosition angle (east of north) (J2000)
ERRX2_IMAGEEpixel2Variance of position along x
ERRY2_IMAGEEpixel2Variance of position along y
ERRXY_IMAGEEpixel2Covariance of position between x and y
ERRX2_WORLDEdeg2Variance of position along X-WORLD (alpha)
ERRY2_WORLDEdeg2Variance of position along Y-WORLD (delta)
ERRXY_WORLDEdeg2Covariance of position X-WORLD/Y-WORLD
ERRCXX_IMAGEEpixel-2Cxx error ellipse parameter
ERRCYY_IMAGEEpixel-2Cyy error ellipse parameter
ERRCXY_IMAGEEpixel-2Cxy error ellipse parameter
ERRCXX_WORLDEdeg-2Cxx error ellipse parameter (WORLD units)
ERRCYY_WORLDEdeg-2Cyy error ellipse parameter (WORLD units)
ERRCXY_WORLDEdeg-2Cxy error ellipse parameter (WORLD units)
ERRA_IMAGEEpixelRMS position error along major axis
ERRB_IMAGEEpixelRMS position error along minor axis
ERRA_WORLDEdegWorld RMS position error along major axis
ERRB_WORLDEdegWorld RMS position error along minor axis
ERRTHETA_IMAGEEdegError ellipse pos. angle (CCW/x)
ERRTHETA_WORLDEdegError ellipse pos. angle (CCW/world-x)
ERRTHETA_J2000EdegJ2000 error ellipse pos. angle (east of north)
FWHM_WORLDEdegFWHM assuming a gaussian core
ISO0Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 0
ISO1Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 1
ISO2Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 2
ISO3Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 3
ISO4Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 4
ISO5Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 5
ISO6Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 6
ISO7Jpixel2Isophotal area at level 7
SLIDKSource list ID
SIDKSource ID within the source list
HTMKHierarchical Triangular Mesh (level 25)
FLAGKNot used