Stellar population parameters for KiDS-DR4 galaxies with GAMA and SDSS spectroscopy

This catalog provides stellar population parameters of ~290000 galaxies from KiDS-DR4 with GAMA and SDSS spectroscopy and GaLNets morphoto-z. Stellar masses, star formation rates, Age metallicity etc. are obtained using Le Phare and CIGALE codes from a series of different stellar templates including Bruzual & Charlot (2003, BC03), Maraston (2005, M05) and Charlot & Bruzual (2007, CB07), with different star formation histories and with or without emission lines. A full description of the catalog compilation and science verification is in Xie et al. (2023) paper and the catalog content is described in the README file attached.

Catalog and format

The catalog itself can be downloaded as a gzipped FITS file: catalog_starpop_KiDS-DR4_spec_GaZNet.fits.gz (137 MB)
The data format and further details can be found in the following README file: README_catalog_starpop_KiDS-DR4_spec_GaZNet.txt


If you use any of these data, please cite Xie et al. (2023, Science China Physics Mechanics and Astronomy, accepted, arXiv:2307.04120) and include the KiDS DR4 acknowledgments.