KiDS DR4 high quality strong lens candidates

We present 268 high quality strong lens candidates found in the whole 1347 tiles of KiDS, these include 89 LinKS samples from P+19 (Petrillo et al. 2019), 82 samples from L+20 (Li et al. 2020) and 97 sample from Li+21 (Li et al. 2021). These lenses are identified from pre-selected predictive data (luminous red galaxies, LRGs; and Bright galaxies, BGs)from KiDS with different machine learning classifiers.

Catalog format

High quality strong lens candidate catalog: lens_catalog.csv (22 KB)

Columns contained in the catalog:

Column nameDescription
KIDS_TILE The KiDS tile the lens candidate is located in
KIDS_ID Source identifier from the KiDS catalog (ESO ID)
RAJ2000 Centroid sky position right ascension (J2000)
DECJ2000Centroid sky position declination (J2000)
MAG_AUTOKiDS r-band Kron-like magnitude
PaperPaper in which the lens candidate was (first) identified


If you use any of these data, please cite Petrillo et al. (2019, MNRAS, 484, 3879), Li et al. (2020, ApJ, 899, L30) and Li et al. (2021, APJ, 923, 16) and include the KiDS DR4 acknowledgments.