Batch download using wget

The publicly released KiDS data products are stored in two archives: the ESO Science Archive and the Astro-WISE archive. The data products have been created using the Astro-WISE system aided by additional software for final cataloging (KIDSCAT) and masking (Pulecenella). Subsequently, the data have been exported to outside Astro-WISE to obtain the format requested by ESO.
It is important to realize there are some differences between the data files that can be retrieved via ESO and via Astro-WISE, but that these differences are only between the meta-data. The pixel data are identical between the data products available at ESO and via Astro-WISE!

Batch download of all data products (calibrated, stacked images, weight frames, masks, single-band source lists, and multi-band catalogs), in the same format as available via the ESO Science archive (but stored on the Astro-WISE data servers), is possible using wget. Use the following wget input files: