KiDS: the Kilo Degree Survey

The VLT Survey Telescope at sunset at Paranal Observatory

KiDS, the Kilo-Degree Survey, is a new, large-scale optical imaging survey in the Southern sky, designed to tackle some of the most fundamental questions of cosmology and galaxy formation of today. Using the VLT Survey Telescope (VST), located at the ESO Paranal Observatory, KiDS will map 1500 square degrees of the night sky in four filters (u, g, r, i).

On this website you will find extensive information about KiDS, including details of the survey specifications, the main scientific drivers, and data availability. Please contact us if you want to know even more about the project!

News: KiDS Data Release 2 available

The second public data release of KiDS (KiDS-ESO-DR2) is available. It contains calibrated, stacked images and their weights, masks and single-band source lists for 98 square degrees, as well as a multi-band source catalog encompassing the 150 square degrees of the first two KiDS data releases combined. All data are available via the ESO archive facility, as well as via the AstroWISE Information System.

Please visit the KiDS Data Release 2 pages for details and data access.