KiDS: the Kilo Degree Survey

The VLT Survey Telescope at sunset at Paranal Observatory

KiDS, the Kilo-Degree Survey, is a new, large-scale optical imaging survey in the Southern sky, designed to tackle some of the most fundamental questions of cosmology and galaxy formation of today. Using the VLT Survey Telescope (VST), located at the ESO Paranal Observatory, KiDS will map 1500 square degrees of the night sky in four filters (u, g, r, i).

On this website you will find extensive information about KiDS, including details of the survey specifications, the main scientific drivers, and data availability. Please contact us if you want to know even more about the project!

News: Dutch broadcaster interviews Margot Brouwer

18 May 2016

Dutch broadcasting corporation VPRO interviewed Leiden University Phd student Margot Brouwer about her work on KiDS. The article, which is only available in Dutch, has been published in the VPRO tv guide, but can also be downloaded below. On Thursday May 19th at 19:20 CEST, a related documentary focused on the nature of Dark Matter will be broadcasted on Dutch public tv station NPO2.

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News: First science results from KiDS published

6 Jul 2015

Today the first scientific results from the Kilo-Degree Survey have been published. Among the first batch of papers are early weak gravitational lensing analyses, demonstrating the power of the superb image quality of KiDS for this type of research. Other results presented include the discovery of four high-redshift quasars, a sample of super-compact massive galaxies, and a catalog of photometric redshift based on machine learning techniques. Links to the papers are provided on the Papers page, and press releases highlighting these first results can be found via the Press releases page.